My name is Amy Eckhardt and I have been the Owner and Travel Advisor of World View Adventures, LLC since March 2017. I am happy to say that business has grown and evolved and focuses more on curated luxury and exotic travel.

I have always been more of a traveler than a tourist, as many of my clients are. I find learning from different cultures, traditions, and people from around the world is a priceless, educational, and extremely memorable way to experience new places in the world! 

I will continue my focus on sustainable travel, being eco-conscience, while providing my clients with tailor-made itineraries and incredible value! 

If you are ready to be a traveler, contact me to start creating your next great adventure! 

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Desiree Hullaster is a welcome addition to World View Adventures! She is a nature-loving travel junkie with a taste for adventure. She enjoys spending time in national parks, surfing the world's coasts, snowboarding the tallest mountains, and exploring areas around the world that are geologically interesting. She’s also an artist who is inspired by her travels and expresses this passion through abstract painting.

Desiree enjoys pure adventure and prefers to travel “off the beaten path”. She loves finding the best local food spots with menus that leave a lasting impression, unique cocktails that keep your mouth watering for more, and exhilaratingly fun experiences such as ziplining, rappelling, skydiving, scuba diving, rafting, you name it. She also enjoys kicking her feet up, relaxing, and drinking a pina colada out of a pineapple. Finding best-kept secrets for her destinations is what she’s all about so if you desire a more authentic travel experience, she is your girl.

Her favorite travel destination at the moment is Costa Rica which has something for everyone found within its rich rainforests. There’s an abundance of waterfalls, endless hiking, beautiful beaches, flourishing wildlife, and some of the nicest people on the planet that exercise a true “Pura Vida” lifestyle.